Top Innovative Technology Slide Scanners

October 23rd, 2014 — 6:53am

Photos are one of man’s well kept treasures. Photos capture important moments in a person’s life that will last him a lifetime. Moreover, photos remind you of treasured memories in the past. Thus, it is very important to keep photos the longest time possible. However, there are some instances wherein photos are damaged, torn, and even lost. There is nothing to worry about though, because if you still have the negatives of these photos, you can always have these printed again. However, what would you do if the negatives are so old already, and it seems impossible to have these reproduced again?

The answer is actually very simple, that is with the use of the innovative technology slide scanner. This scanner is used in reproducing hard copies from old negatives. Moreover, the innovative technology slide scanner is capable of producing high resolution 5 megapixel photos out of 35 mm films. Furthermore, it features an automatic color balance which enhances the images to perfection. To top it all, images can be stored directly to the computer, or any storage device for future use.

The innovative technology scanner is perhaps one of the most amazing discoveries of the new generation. Aside from its portability, this scanner is also equipped with a USB cable and PC software which works excellently with Windows XP or Windows Vista. In addition, images can be edited and personalized according to your preferences.

Today, there are a number of 35mm slide scanners in the market that choosing the best one seems a little difficult. In order to choose the best one though, you must compare the features and capabilities of the various 35 mm slide scanners that are available in the market.

One of the most popular scanners is the Stratford Labs film and slide scanner. This scanner is lightweight and is very portable. It comes with a tray such that preparing negatives and slides is very convenient. Images are immediately scanned as soon as the button is pressed. Like most other slide scanners, the Stratford Labs scanner has a resolution of 5 megapixels.

Another popular slide scanner is the Plustek Opticfilm 7500 which is an advanced scanner with a 7200 x 7200 dpi optical resolution. This feature allows the production of crisp and clear images. Moreover, this scanner is very easy to operate with its three buttons which are for the power, intelliscan, and quick scan respectively. This scanner also allows the editing of pictures and images.

Finally, if you are looking for an affordable quality scanner, Nikon 2000 scanner is the perfect choice. According to most photo enthusiasts, this scanner scans images faster than most scanners. Moreover, the images produced are at 2700 dpi which produces vivid and bright colors. In fact, the colors of the images are just like the original images. What is more amazing is that the colors that you see o the monitor are actually the same colors that will be assumed by the printed images. Indeed, the Nikon 2000 slide scanners are one of the most preferred slide scanners today.

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Parylene: The Latest Invention In The Industrial Technology

October 16th, 2014 — 6:53am

These days, the higher production is the aim of many industries, who try to provide safe environment for workers. They strive to have higher profits and minimal costs. The quality should be at high level, so the products could meet the customers’ needs. This is possible with accurate manufacturing. The new technologies recently invented allow an increase of production without compromising the quality. It also helps in proper maintenance of all production processes.

With the invention of parylene, a big progress is made in industrial technology. It is a chemical compound, formed through a dimer in powder form. It should be heated to turn into a gas. The received monomer forms parylene through a special polymerization process. This polymer is used as coating in industries like electronics, medicine, aviation, defense, etc.

Due to its durability and reliability, it can be applied for a great variety of applications in a lot of industries. Parylene coating offers many advantages compared to other coatings, because of its optical quality, transparence and lightweight. It is not pervious to moisture, bacteria and fungus. It successfully resists to solvents and radiation too. Due to its hydrophobic features, this coating is chemically resistant to gases, strong acids, organic and inorganic media, water vapor and even caustic solutions.

It is preferred due to its strength and high tangibility. It can persist to any temperature, which makes it dependable during the risky industrial processes. Its ability to retain particles is extremely useful in electronics industry, where quality mechanical and electronic devices are needed. In addition, its electrical properties like sensitive circuits’ protection and high dielectric strength make it a dependable material even in power industries.

Thanks to its dry-film lubricity and UV stability, this polymer can protect successfully various environments. You can practically find this versatile element in all products, starting from different medical devices and optical instruments to circuit boards. All kind of bobbins and ferrite cores are coated by producers to reduce to the minimum abrasion and friction and for effective prevention of dust formation and chipping. Various items such as strain gauges, pressure sensors and accelerometers get environmental protection and electrical insulation when they are coated with parylene.

Parylene offers a great advantage to the most industries these days. Some of its most common benefits are the longer life of different kinds of devices that have parylene coating, cost effective maintenance, high quality of all coated products, pin-hole free and uniform coating, easy application without the need to be mixed with other elements, quality output ensured by adhesion properties of parylene and hassle free production.

In addition, it is very easy to apply it, as the coating process is done while the polymer is in a gas form in room temperature.

The increased demand for products of a high quality is a result of the rising population. A new inventions and strategies have to be implemented by industries to meet these high standards. Parylene is an excellent innovation that is able to meet all these needs due to its amazing properties. It is a very reliable, safe and fast solution to all production requirements.

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Carving the Path to a PhD in Industrial Technology

October 9th, 2014 — 6:53am

Getting a PhD in Industrial Technology gives you the extra edge. It allows you to specialize on highly technical manufacturing processes and its strategies. Basically, one in this field should have a strong interest in mathematics, and they should also be keen on research and problem-solving skills regarding issues such as operations, maintenance, and management. With that and some proper planning, you are able to get that highly desired qualification.

The key word is research. You can start off with researching on universities that offer accredited PhD in Industrial Technology. Once you get a list of potential universities, find out their prerequisites. Doing so will allow you to get a rough idea on what you need to have prepared while in graduate school. You would also want to shorten the list by eliminating the universities that are not within the areas of your convenience. As an alternative, you could take accredited online PhD’s which can be done from the convenience of your home.

You will also want to clear things up about the admission and testing processes you will have to sit through to get your PhD. Usually, you will need to sit for the Graduate Record Exam (GRE), in which you can get yourself registered through the Educational Testing Service website. The study guides and exam materials are available in the website as well as in libraries.

In order to spend minimally to attain your PhD, you might be interested in acquiring financial aids. Seek for financial guidance from your graduate school, as they will be able to give you options to choose from. You can also seek guidance regarding your path to further studies, such as balancing work and study, or if an accredited online PhD can work for you.

Upon completing your admissions at the graduate school, attain your transcripts, GRE scores, and letters of recommendation. You will need to submit the relevant documents to your choice of university as you settle your admission process. Make sure you are clear about your curriculum details as you will need to plan your schedules according to it so that you may complete the course within your allocated time. The last advice is to consistently do well and conduct a properly-researched dissertation.

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Industrial Technology Online Career Preparation Opportunities

October 2nd, 2014 — 6:53am

Career training opportunities for industrial technology are available to you through various accredited online schools and colleges. Training can be completed in numerous areas and will prepare you for the exciting career you long for. Studies in this field will allow you to pursue the career that fits your individual needs and goals. Accredited online training programs can help you build the skills and knowledge needed for a successful occupation in industrial technology. Studies are available for completion from a certificate to a master degree level of education.

Training for a career in this field can be done by enrolling in an accredited online educational training program. Gaining an accredited education can be done at various levels of training. You can pursue a:


Associate degree

Bachelor degree

Master degree

The various levels of training will require you to spend different amounts of time on career studies. Training can take six months, two years, four years, or six years to complete. With the opportunity to gain the degree or certificate you desire online, you can prepare for your career from the comfort of home. By choosing to pursue an accredited education in industrial technology you will be ready for a number of exciting careers.

Obtaining an accredited online education from a number of schools and colleges will give you the chance to pursue the career you long for. You will be able to seek employment in a number of exciting areas working as:

Maintenance Managers

Quality Control Engineers

Cost Estimators

Computer Systems Analysts

…and many other professions related to this field of study. When you pursue an accredited online education in industrial technology you will be able to gain the career needed to work in places like:

Consulting Firms


Processing Companies



…and many other areas. Gaining the skills and knowledge needed to pursue a career will help prepare you for the life you desire.

Coursework will depend on the level of education as well as the specific career you wish to pursue. Enrollment in a career program may require courses that allow you to study information technology, scheduling, production operations, and many other career related industrial technology courses. You can also learn business management, research and development, total quality management (TQM), software, and a variety of other related subjects. Enrollment in a fully accredited career training school or college will give you the preparation you need to pursue the career you desire.

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Industrial Technology – Online Career Instruction

September 25th, 2014 — 6:53am

In today’s technology advanced society large portions of products are mass-produced for efficiency and cost. This process is used to create a wide range of products that are used in a variety of ways. The men and women who make this possible work in the field of industrial technology. Many accredited online colleges and universities offer degree distinctions in this area.

Industrial technology programs will instruct students in a number of ways to work within the guidelines of manufacturing products. Professionals within this industry use heavy machinery and technology to accomplish a wide set of tasks.

These tasks consist of configuring equipment to produce cutouts and molds to be used for creating products like cars, electronics, and more.

The overall goal of the industry is to continue to improve on the speed of production and utilizing technology to make the production easier.

With the broad spectrum of merchandise and products that need to be created professionals work in many different areas inside the field. These areas can include airplane manufacturing, agricultural equipment, and more.

Inside a degree program instruction will cover a wide range of subjects that are specifically geared towards the work a student will do in the workforce.

In a degree program students will learn about the resources, procedures, and uses of technology to establish a strong foundation in the field.

Online colleges and universities offer degree programs from an associate’s degree to a master’s degree.

Each level of education may require a different amount of credit hours depending on the program selected and school being attended. In general students will learn the ins and outs of the field through specialized courses.

These courses may include CADD, graphic communication, electronics technology, manufacturing, and more. Lets briefly look each degree distinction.

An associate’s degree program will instruct students in planning principles, basic engineering skills, equipment operation, management, advanced computer skills, and more. Courses will focus on specific topics like:

computer-aided design




and more. Within this beginning degree program students may have the option to earn concentrations in the field depending on the college program enrolled. Programs at this education level focus heavily on math, psychical science, and technical skills. Courses will include physics, chemistry, machine tool operation, and more.

A bachelor’s degree program increases the job market for a graduate considerably. This degree level focuses on managerial skills within the industry. Instruction will provide students with the ability to fix complex problems, analyze costs, manage inventories, and work with the highest level of computer programs to accomplish their job. Courses at this level of education could include:



project management

production planning

organizational behavior

and more. A master’s degree program focuses highly on advanced management techniques and procedures. Students enrolled at this level of education will learn how to manage employees, projects, technology systems, and more. Course work may include cost management, inventory control, purchasing, research methods, production analysis, and more.

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