Retort Processing in Food Technology

July 31st, 2014 — 10:44pm

Food Technology

Actually speaking, there is no specific technology for processing any specific product in any specific flexible containers. But there are good guidelines for processing the food in flexible containers.

Fo-value recommendations and technology guidelines from any technologists or institutes are to be understood as general guidelines at best and should always be applied in trial runs followed by microbiological analysis.

When ever the processor receives the processing technology from a technology transfer center or a food research institute, it should be noted that the mentioned technology was developed only for that particular product, which was processed in a particular type of retort (may be in a small pilot retort), with a particular recipe and formulation, with specific pH value and with specific precooking procedures and cooling method. Continue reading »

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Assistive Technology Explained

May 8th, 2014 — 6:53am

Assistive Technology

Assistive technology, sometimes known as Adaptive Technology, includes devices or equipment used to maintain, increase or improve the abilities of individuals with disabilities. It is important to realize that assistive technology is NOT only computer programs or electronic devices. Since many people think of computers when thinking of technology, this is a common mistake. Assistive technology doesn’t have to be high-tech, but it should serve the purpose of “assistance” and can include anything from a stick one uses to reach for something to a walker or a wheelchair, or more complex items such as environmental controls or adapted vehicles.

This means that assistive technology has existed since the first homo sapiens picked up a branch to help himself over rough terrain. Sophisticated forms of assistive technology date back for centuries as well, as the 6th century saw an image of a wheelchair being carved in stone on a Chinese sarcophagus. Today, assistive technology is available to support many common disabilities. For example assistive technology may: Continue reading »

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Innovative Technology and Policies for Your Business

October 30th, 2014 — 6:53am

We are getting late into the 2012 calendar year. The fourth quarter is just around the corner. Many companies are looking to implement some last minute innovations in technology or in their business policies that will make this the most profitable year ever. But what are the best technological innovations for the new year? When it comes to implementing innovative policies, definition of goals is important. What are you trying to accomplish? Let us consider some possible innovations.

The fourth quarter is extremely important for a retail business. What are the best technological innovations that will help your company finish strong? Everything has gone mobile. Companies rely on cyber Monday almost as much as they do black Friday. How can your business innovate to take full advantage of this? Custom mobile apps that feature shopping, advertizing and coupons may be just what you need. Continue reading »

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Top Innovative Technology Slide Scanners

October 23rd, 2014 — 6:53am

Photos are one of man’s well kept treasures. Photos capture important moments in a person’s life that will last him a lifetime. Moreover, photos remind you of treasured memories in the past. Thus, it is very important to keep photos the longest time possible. However, there are some instances wherein photos are damaged, torn, and even lost. There is nothing to worry about though, because if you still have the negatives of these photos, you can always have these printed again. However, what would you do if the negatives are so old already, and it seems impossible to have these reproduced again?

The answer is actually very simple, that is with the use of the innovative technology slide scanner. This scanner is used in reproducing hard copies from old negatives. Moreover, the innovative technology slide scanner is capable of producing high resolution 5 megapixel photos out of 35 mm films. Furthermore, it features an automatic color balance which enhances the images to perfection. To top it all, images can be stored directly to the computer, or any storage device for future use. Continue reading »

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Parylene: The Latest Invention In The Industrial Technology

October 16th, 2014 — 6:53am

These days, the higher production is the aim of many industries, who try to provide safe environment for workers. They strive to have higher profits and minimal costs. The quality should be at high level, so the products could meet the customers’ needs. This is possible with accurate manufacturing. The new technologies recently invented allow an increase of production without compromising the quality. It also helps in proper maintenance of all production processes.

With the invention of parylene, a big progress is made in industrial technology. It is a chemical compound, formed through a dimer in powder form. It should be heated to turn into a gas. The received monomer forms parylene through a special polymerization process. This polymer is used as coating in industries like electronics, medicine, aviation, defense, etc. Continue reading »

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Carving the Path to a PhD in Industrial Technology

October 9th, 2014 — 6:53am

Getting a PhD in Industrial Technology gives you the extra edge. It allows you to specialize on highly technical manufacturing processes and its strategies. Basically, one in this field should have a strong interest in mathematics, and they should also be keen on research and problem-solving skills regarding issues such as operations, maintenance, and management. With that and some proper planning, you are able to get that highly desired qualification.

The key word is research. You can start off with researching on universities that offer accredited PhD in Industrial Technology. Once you get a list of potential universities, find out their prerequisites. Doing so will allow you to get a rough idea on what you need to have prepared while in graduate school. You would also want to shorten the list by eliminating the universities that are not within the areas of your convenience. As an alternative, you could take accredited online PhD’s which can be done from the convenience of your home. Continue reading »

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Industrial Technology Online Career Preparation Opportunities

October 2nd, 2014 — 6:53am

Career training opportunities for industrial technology are available to you through various accredited online schools and colleges. Training can be completed in numerous areas and will prepare you for the exciting career you long for. Studies in this field will allow you to pursue the career that fits your individual needs and goals. Accredited online training programs can help you build the skills and knowledge needed for a successful occupation in industrial technology. Studies are available for completion from a certificate to a master degree level of education.

Training for a career in this field can be done by enrolling in an accredited online educational training program. Gaining an accredited education can be done at various levels of training. You can pursue a: Continue reading »

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